We are here to provide all your escrow needs and ensure a smooth closing. Between the interests of the buyer, seller and the lender and all the liens, codes and appraisals in between, there is a lot going on when it comes time to execute the contracts. That’s why LCD Capital is the company you can trust to bring your transaction through the closing process. Our Experienced team of high-level escrow professionals can handle any number of complicated real estate transactions.

Residential Sales

When you decide to buy or sell any major real estate, the best protection for all parties involved is a reputable property escrow agent. Escrow agents ensure that all parties involved in the transaction have followed through with the instructions of an escrow. When it comes to real estate escrow services, the escrow agent is an unbiased party that acts on behalf of all the principals of the escrow: the buyer, seller, lender and borrower. The escrow agent is selected in agreement between the principals to ensure transparency and fair execution of the property escrow.

We realize that every Re-sale transaction is unique and requires the complete attention of a dedicated team of escrow professionals. Brokers and lenders trust our professionalism, experience and attention to detail. We complete each escrow smoothly and on time, ensuring a reliable partner in your closing.

LCD Capital Escrow is well versed in those differences, which include the occasional use of business managers who act on behalf of the principals. 

Investment Property

Investment money is used in real estate to purchase property for the purpose of holding, reselling or leasing the property for income, capital appreciation or both. These transactions can include Residential and Commercial real estate investment properties as well as land.

Trust Sale

A Trust Sale is the sale of a property that is held by a Trust. The original trustee is either under a conservatorship due to an inability to handle his/her affairs, or the original trustee has passed away. The assigned trustee of the property is directed to sell the property and to hold the sale proceeds in a Trust account for the beneficiaries.

We are experienced with Trust Sales and who handle a large number of Trust Sale escrows. The escrow process of a Trust Sale is very different from that of a regular sale. Therefore, it is required to have an Escrow Officer who has extensive experience in Trust Sale escrows to avoid any mistakes in the process and to ensure that the escrow closes on time.


Refinancing is taking out a new mortgage for your home. The principals to the escrow – the lender and the borrower – create escrow instructions and entrust documents and funds to a third party, the escrow company and escrow officer. With this arrangement, the parties are assured that no funds will change hands until all of the instructions have been followed.

Commercial Sales

Commercial and Industrial transactions require trained and experienced senior escrow personnel due to their complexities. Issues can arise requiring expert level knowledge from title issues to multiple leases and deposits to compliance with municipalities’ regulations. Particularly for transactions involving a substantial investment, the buyer or seller should demand the protection of an escrow.

Our specialized team of escrow officers enables us to anticipate challenges, meet deadlines and troubleshoot problems in order to facilitate a successful close. That is why brokers and principals trust LCD Capital's staff to manage their Commercial and Industrial real estate escrows.


It is common for real estate to be held in probate after the death of the owner. Oftentimes, the property is sold out of probate court when the owner passes away without leaving it willed to an heir. This generally is a straightforward transaction, and you may be excited to get a great deal on the purchase because it is a probate saleproperty. We offer exceptional probate sale escrow services to our clients, and our experience and dedication to your transaction will be evident throughout the process.

While many probate sales are straightforward and hassle-free, there are some nuances to some of these transactions that must be taken into account, and you can rest assured that our experienced team of escrow agents at LCD Capital know how to walk you through the process of buying this type of property. As an escrow agency, we will assist with the buying process by holding the necessary funds in escrow throughout the transaction. This may include the good faith deposit, the mortgage funds and other deposits or fees that need to be collected.

Short Sale

A Short Sale is a Real Estate Transaction where the sales price is not sufficient to payoff the existing loan(s) on the property and closing costs. In certain circumstances, the Seller can contact the bank/lender to negotiate a payoff amount which is less than the amount owed. A Short Sale occurs when the lender agrees to accept a lesser amount to payoff their loan with the understanding the Seller shall receive no proceeds from the sale of the property.

1031 Exchange

A 1031 exchange, otherwise known as a tax deferred exchange, is a simple strategy and method for selling one property, that's qualified, and then proceeding with an acquisition of another property (also qualified) within a specific time frame. The logistics and process of selling a property and then buying another property are practically identical to any standardized sale and buying situation. A 1031 exchange is unique because the entire transaction is treated as an exchange and not just as a simple sale. It is this difference between "exchanging" and not simply buying and selling which, in the end, allows the taxpayer(s) to qualify for a deferred gain treatment.

We have the knowledge on how to best serve and help with the 1031 exchange escrow process and we can answer all of your questions and walk you through the process.


R.E.O. involves the acquisition of property which is in the possession of a lender as a result of foreclosure or forfeiture. This is when homeowners must turn the property over to the Lender because they are unable to meet the mortgage. Usually, when buyers plan to purchase an R.E.O. (or foreclosed) property, they incur special challenges such as tighter time-lines and rigorous policies.

Our team of Escrow Officers that specializes in residential and commercial REO transactions enables banks to feel confident and secure and that their transactions will efficiently close in a timely manner. REO has strict deadlines, tight requirements, and incurs special challenges.

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